Selling sense…

Today marked the end of an era of sales and distribution knowledge in the lives of about a hundred students at SCMHRD. Without any historic drama attached to it, it means we had our last Sales and Distribution Management (SADMAN) lecture. And SADMAN was definitely not sad(pun intended) owing to the efforts of one man : Professor Prantosh Bannerjee.
Professor Bannerjee has been instrumental in teaching us every little bit of marketing that made its ways to our overfatigued neurons in the first semester. He believes in OHP sheets, tantrums and a lot of dedication. Popular sayings in Prantosh Sir’s vocabulary include:
* The quintessential ‘So how are we doing today’ : Even the CIA would have trouble decoding the tone. Tantrum in the making or just a jolly good wish?
* ‘Common, all future CEOs!’ : One time when everyone actually believes that CEOgiri is not very far away.
* “How would I know? I am ninety three years old.” : I am still figuring out the vitality the human brain can possess at this age.
* “Are we sleeping?” : A technique of prising open the eyelids of a tired class.
And many more…
But little did one know that marketing could be taught in a way that it could make you laugh, cry and grin in embarassment, all at the same time. One still remembers the very moving lecture on the different lifecycle stages in a person’s life, the mirth when one learnt about the buying decisions of a child and so on…
A great class all in all…

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