MAN(i)AC nights…

Nothing very dubious about this post despite the dubious title. The exam season is on in full swing and between sleeping and waking, a good amount of time seems to be lost in either sleeping in the exam hall or outside it. Anyways, the ‘little amount’ of studying that an average MBA does is usually among groups, according to the latest report of (seriously-i-dont-care) institute.
And so the reading room in the hostel is perennially filled with young lasses who should ideally be pouting and posing (not my views) who are now poring over balance sheets of Raju company gone bad.
MANAC or Managerial Accounting is currently the flavour of the week after a disastrous ‘Financial Management’ attempt not so long ago but it seems a distant memory owing to conscious repression of depression-causing incidents by the human brain.
Hence, this Sunday night, I, Polo, Rajput and Jayaprakash convened in the reading room to gather some insight into this fascinating subject called MANAC. Incidentally, the MANAC professor is a very pleasant yet brilliant person who has taught us the basics of finance in candid humour. Sample this :
“Baaju wale ka bacha tere ghar pe aaya to tera bacha ho gaya kya?”

Coming back, as we squinted even more at the problems with increasingly shooting levels of frustration, Rajput, who had just finished one more packet of chips in the pretext of ‘Study fuel’ announced a break.
As the gossip shifted to PJs, Polo, who is famous for her unique style of humor, asked us,
“Okay if Gabbar singh had a tiger cub, what would it be called?”
Our over fatigued neurons had no answer though Jayaprakash tried her level best to come up with something.
“Holi!” answered Polo.
“Figure that out for us as usual”, said we.
“Arre,” said Polo, “Remember in the movie, Gabbar keeps saying Holi kab hai?? Holi ‘cub’ hai??”
If there ever was a concept of a collective mind blast, it had to happen exactly at that time. As smoke came out of our ears at that PJ, Polo had more gems to shower on us.
“If you connect two Peepul trees, what do you get?”
Of course, with half burnt minds, we didnt have the answer.
“Nokia,” said Polo triumphantly.
“How?” we asked.
“Arre, isn’t Nokia about connecting ‘peepul’?”
I am looking for a human vaporiser or something similar. Meanwhile, MANAC beckons…

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