Sambar of 69!

Seriously, if the sambar of 69 was still around, it would have been a liquid form of ‘Terminator XII’ and would have proceeded to destroy the world with an universe of microbes staggering awake from harmless toor dal!
But the aim of this post is very different. It is to enunciate the hardships faced by a South Indian in BSchoolland. I do not support the MNS or the Sene and hence all words following this line are devoid of any political insinuation.

After you land in BSchool with your yellow bag (manja pai) and coconut oil, you realise that there are great assumptions that a Choudhary, Gupta, Rawat, Rajput, Chatterjee and other non-South Indian junta have about you and the land that you come from. Some I have cleared so far are:

1. No, all of South India does not speak Tamil. Though an effort was made to make it the national language . ‘Arre baap re!’ was a standard response I got to this one.

2. No, we do not yet have a temple for Rajinikanth. Though, poojas have been suspended in a temple for a South Indian actress. 

3. No, it is not our hobby to wear huge cooling glasses/ shades and wear yellow or red dhotis and appear in huge hoardings pointing to Mars or Jupiter. 

4. No, curd rice is not the only source of nutrition for our amazing brains. On second thoughts, maybe it is. 🙂

5. No, we don’t have only one use for milk : consumption. Our other creative uses include pouring them on Rajinikanth’s portraits and posters and sometimes on the screen.

6. No, all streets of Chennai do not terminate in a political party meeting. Some terminate in two of them.

7. No, we do not believe that we should follow the laws and rules of physics blindly. Rajinikanth and Vijaykanth are forerunners in this art when they try to do er…martial arts in their movies.

8. No, it is not mandatory that you have to cavort on screen with 80 multi-colored extras before you join politics.

And many more….

            Anyways, the sad joke about Sambar of 69 could be attributed to an effort to better the works of Polo, the PJ Princess. Sample this :

Q: Bryan Adams’ attempt at making South Indian fusion curry?

A: Sambar of 69

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4 responses to “Sambar of 69!

  1. shatakshi

    where is the mention of chicken 65… one of tamil nadu’s( and mind u i know that it does not constitute all of south india) hit non veg dish 🙂

  2. amazing post!!! was laughing throughout. Favorite : pouring milk on rajnikaanth posters…. hehehe ROFLOL…. nice blog

  3. bluethemis

    Try toh kar!! 🙂
    Thanks !
    Thanks :)!

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