Working in a frigid summer…

It is the fag end of April and I am wearing a sweater and am rubbing my hands in anticipation of heat while I swear my teeth are chattering to a tune from ‘Apocalypse Now’. No, I haven’t flown down to Antartica nor have I started vacationing in the Artic. I am just three weeks into my internship and half of my blood has already turned cold. Because the AC is in full blast and I am in office!

Meanwhile the green city of Bangalore is getting hotter by the day. So once you step out of office, suddenly you have stepped on to the equatorial line. While the radio keeps screaming ‘Mast Majaa Maadi’, you wonder what are the options for ‘Majaa’ when you are in a hot bus and there are about a lakh vehicles in front of you moving at the speed of 1 inch per 30 minutes.

There are four more guys along with me on my floor who are interns. Thus the grand total makes it five souls trying to learn the ropes of the IT industry. I wonder how they respond to publicity and hence we shall call them Him, Sud, Abby and Annie(LOL, this one rocks!).

The one major thing that my internship has taught me apart from the IT knowledge is when in the company of hungry lads, eat at the pace of one idli per minute. Cause if you don’t they would have finished their food, looked at all the sights in the vicinity and start fretting and sulking that it would make you want to renounce food for the rest of your life.

Now Annie is an HR whiz and spouts gyaan and gyaan only whenever he opens his mouth. Also, very enchanted by his work, he has actually learnt the art of apparating and disapparating, potter style. If you are having breakfast in the cafeteria in the morning, there would be a flash of light as a being would descend in the chair in front of you, there would be a flurry of food disappearing from a plate and whoosh, the appartition has gone. You would have heard ‘I have some work. Let me take your leave’ echoing in the background.

Him has an affinity to cheese and cheesy things. He also professes a deep liking for cheesy songs from bollywood of the 80s-90s. Thus he belongs to a dying breed or a breed whose leaders may include Reshamiya and the likes. When we are really happy, he sings ‘Neela Dupatta, Peela Suit’ to remind us of the brutal realities of life. Also, he can lecture on any topic under the sun. You wonder at the amount of gyaan one can give on a carelessly uttered word.

Sud and Abby are a ‘couple’ of conversations above us. They talk to each other while we go to lunch, while we come back from lunch, while they go for coffee, while we are in the elevator….er….you get the drift. Sometimes you have to look into the walls of the elevator to know if your presence is visible or pinch yourself. (You’d rather pinch one of them, though). They also say great things like male bonding is the best and other nice things.

Then there is Krupa and the newest member, Rekha….but yet to know them to well enough or they don’t have enough quirks. More to come….while I do some work for now..

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