It is 6:30 in the morning. I and Neha are in the atrium in the academic block, eyes half open, cutting flower petals and leaves. It is Onam and we are making the pookalam. There are 3 mallus around us, in various stages of sprightliness. I think they are enough to invade another gulf country. We ask them to sing some Onam songs. A techno mallu plays them on iTunes instead.
Meanwhile Neha and I are deciding on ways to keep awake. Both of us have slept 8 hours between us, she had four and I had four.

There has been a lot of silence since we started the preparations. I try my hand at conversation.

Me: How was your business policy class presentation?

She : It went well…..(long pause as she makes effort to speak.) How was yours?

Me: Good.

We continue to do our job. It is a while before Neha speaks.

She : We were in the same group , right?

I realise that we were. The swine flu prevalent in Pune must have some memory-related side effects.

We continue to make the flower rangoli.  Aah….Happy Onam!!

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