Marketing blogs : Elusive search for a honest view from a reader

I don’t know why but of late I have had a lot of random conversations that seem to be inane and of no use to anyone on this planet. Well, why am I blogging about it? Well, the onam post generated quite a bit of hype because the people mentioned in the post think it is their rakhi-sawant-moment-of publicity in the online world. I herewith declare that my blogging rises above useless, sensational and exaggerated blogging. My good friend, Priti ,who I think is not so good anymore after this post, thinks this blog is plainly useless. Yet, all this has strangely motivated me to write more.

Me : Priti, do you think I should promote this blog incessantly? Look at this blogger, his blog is all over the place.

Priti doesn’t reply for she is frowning at why she hasn’t yet received her file via bluetooth. After a while of pretending like Bill Gates working on the first Windows problem, she realizes that the bluetooth device has not been switched on. I, meanwhile, wait patiently for an answer.

Me: Er…Priti, what do you think?

Priti: Haan? What?

Me : (My ears are burning out of anger. But I am praying that all the ‘shavaasana’ that I did during the first semester has given me higher powers of endurance.) About the promotion of blogs? Or marketing them well?

Priti is considered to be marketing-wise in the batch owing to her high-energy yapping skills and her ability to talk 3% of sense in every monologue that she delivers. By MBA standards, that is an achievement.

Priti : Er….

Me : Hey! You can be frank and tell me if it is desperate.

Priti giggles. This is a signal of more guffaws to come as the next fifteen minutes are going to be interspersed with spasms of maniac laughter which is Priti’s way of indicating that the humour she is spewing is earth-shattering funny.

Priti : He he… know!!! Β Ha Ha Ha…..I really don’t care. How do I care how you market your blog? I can’t read my study material properly. Do you think Β I will read your blog? Ho Ho Ho…..Arre, if you write well, then congratulations to you, why do you have to force them on the poor public ? Ho..Ho..Ho…(This is the point where I develop a dislike for Santa Claus)….Ho…Ho…Ho…Like it is going to make me more intelligent? Gawk!….

This is the point where maniacal laughter fills the room. I sit in deep thought for sometime and look at the chortling apparition in front of me. I decide to go somewhere else where talking about blogs doesn’t incite laughing bouts or atleast not scary laughing bouts.

Why is it so difficult to find good honest views from blog readers?

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12 responses to “Marketing blogs : Elusive search for a honest view from a reader

  1. Polo

    Aishu beta!!
    why on earth wud u ask priti of all people for an opinion!!
    dat too on a blog?!!
    esp when more evolved ahem u know who..are rite here!!

  2. Polo

    btw..she read d post on my lappy..
    n u can’t imagine the strange bubbling bed-shaking laughter :O
    sumhow managed to save my lappy from falling rite off her lap..babah!!

  3. Your motive (of marketing “bluethemis”) stands satisfied, I guess. It has come to the point where people whom you haven’t recruited (or, did you???) are dishing out free publicity for you!
    Michelle (at the breakfast table): You know what? Aishwarya has written on her blog about that Onam day. It is seriously funny. She has written about me, Vandana and Jagdish. We are having to walk around with blankets over our heads these days..
    Me (obviously having been led into asking): Ok, so whats her blog?
    Michelle: I really dont know what it means (more of publicity for you :P). But its called Bluethemis. (proceeds to spell it out for a blinking me).
    Me: Ok. Will check it out.
    Michelle: (Mission accomplished. Over and out)

    • bluethemis

      πŸ˜€ Herewith I christen Michelle as the official promoter of this blog, though I might have to do some T&D to maker her remember the ‘essence’ of this blog. And Sooraj, Bluethemis is a profound name. Just don’t ask me the meaning…..Have you wondered what DoCoMo or Zapak means…Great names don’t have meanings. πŸ˜›

      • Sooraj

        Just for the sake of an argument (but actually to ferret out of you the actual meaning behind the “profound” name of your blog),
        DoCoMo stood for “Do Communications on the Mobile network”
        And though it doesnt make much sense to me, Zapak comes from “ZAPIENZ” which apparently is “The quintessential well connected and cool youth”
        The ball’s in your court, please πŸ™‚

      • bluethemis

        Why Nair Why? Why is it so difficult to let a writer sometimes crack a sad joke or two and rest in peace? Oh, the sadistic pleasures of the ever-tortured Finance batch?

  4. Tejaswini

    Hey Aishwarya… Great blog… Very funny πŸ™‚

  5. You did the right thing by creating a post on Onam! You induced trial πŸ˜‰ ! Now I think you would have no problem maintaining the reader base ! Trust Priti to come up with responses like that πŸ˜€ .. Blog publicity is the raw nerve of bloggers and non-bloggers rarely understand this !!! Keep writing.. Comments will follow!

    • bluethemis

      Thanks baby….How come you are spouting marketing fundae? I thought you would say that the Lehmann Brothers could be partially blamed… πŸ˜›

  6. Michelle

    I thought it meant “Blue them is”.. Poetic/Bloggeric(??) license for “They are blue”. Btw I drove all my family & friends in kerala & hyd respectively mad asking them about the significance of Docomo.

    And I sent the onam post link to my friends and two of them already replied that the post is hilarious and that compunction was a wrong word to be used in the context. I would not be exaggerating if I say that atleast 30 people visited your blog because of me.[I forced Meera, Hazel & Evita to read your blog.. The poor girls wanted to study labour law so they had no choice but to put up with my demands]

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