Parallel Universes in Chaos…

It is 2:00pm and a drowsy batch of 40 marketing students are fighting to stay awake in yet another lecture of SAP. Those who are awake are trying to figure the sense of pricing and customer orders. The SAP Professor is meanwhile, lecturing on ways to supply the right material to the vendors.

SAP Prof: We are now going to talk about an important topic.

Unidentified voice on microphone :We shall talk about gtalk.

Class wakes up instantly. Cause they know that an unidentified voice has just permeated the lab. The SAP Prof looks equally confused. He continues nevertheless.

SAP Prof: Now we are going to create an order.

Unidentified Voice : aaaah!

As everyone starts giggling, it dawns on us that there is a cross-connection between the sound receivers of the SAP lab and the adjacent computer lab. The speakers here are relaying the voice of the very-entertaining marketing professor who is teaching the executive batch about marketing research in the computer lab not very far away.

SAP Prof (Confused) : I think that there is a cross-connection.

UV: Is that okay?

SAP Prof (continues, oblivious to the roaring class) : We pay 100 euros to the customer through this process.

UV : Acha chalo, 50 rupees for toothpaste. Are we alright?

SAP Prof : Can we do something about this?

UV : We shall not move out of the lab. Hope you have come prepared with the material?

SAP Prof : Anways, let us revise what we have done…

UV: What is the central tendency of the toothpaste used by students in this class? Nominal or Ordinal?

One student finally gets up and goes to the computer lab to inform the other Professor that his voice has permeated walls.

We suddenly hear an astonished exclaim on speakers as realization dawns on the marketing professor.

UV:Is it? How does it happen like that? I hope it doesnt get in way of your placement preparation!

The class roars with laughter. Things are done to fix the problem but they dont work. So throughout Purchase orders, cutomer numbers and goods issues, we keep hearing the story of how Colgate, Babool and Meswak can be slotted into quadrants.

An afternoon well spent, I must say!

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