Beginning a Monday Morning…

After a long long time, I finally woke up early today. And these days early means around 6 30 am. I did wake up owing to the frantic bell ringing by a very irritated roommate who returned to a house locked from the inside. Anyways, despite trying to snooze again, I decided to just get up and try a whiff of the good old morning air again.
There is something about the chill in early morning air that makes you feel good. Its bite is just about sharp to make you hug yourself as you take a deep breath of air that is yet to be polluted by smoke and dust. You hear the ringing of the cycle bell as newspaper boys speed across the streets hurling fresh news at houses. The dogs on the street look about with one lazy eye as milkmen trudge along with the various cans of milk. Noise levels are considerably down as televisions are yet to be switched on, vehicles yet to get on the move and the construction worker is only yet enjoying his morning tea.
This brings me to one of my favorite parts of the morning – tea. Usually, it is a concoction of tea powder, milk, water and sugar added in no particular order and you just grab a cup on the go. But today, as I watched the tea powder brown the hot water gently and bubble up the surface of the tea pot, I was reminded of good old school days when my mom or grand mom would wake up early to make me that vital cup of tea when exams were on. As history, math or botany tried their best to send me back to bed, the smell of hot tea wafting from the kitchen was my savior. Some days, I would make the tea myself as I did quite enjoy the whole process. As I ground the cardamom and mashed the ginger today, a bit of nostalgia seemed to waft out of the tea as well.
Sitting in the balcony, enjoying a good cup of tea and generally enjoying the view, despite it being a glimpse of the opposite flats is not a bad way at all to begin a day. And maybe restart old things. For example, blogging.
So where are you, you notorious Monday Blues? Bring it on!!


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3 responses to “Beginning a Monday Morning…

  1. Poulami

    Beautifully written..brought back quite a few memories for me as well :)..this might be the 437th time am telling you..keep blogging pliss!!

  2. Himanshu

    //Usually, it is a concoction of tea powder, milk, water and sugar added in no particular order and you just grab a cup on the go.// – Well, I would like to read a post from you when you try to mix them in any order while trying to let the morning air bite you sharp 😛 😀

    • bluethemis

      @ Himanshu, Muahaha!! Challenge accepted. Waise, after living in hostels, you generally come to agree that any liquid with tea powder is called tea.

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