The Orange Juice Vendor down the corner….

How do you finish a meal which included a full-plate North Indian Thali*, a Pav-Bhaji* and other umpteen servings of food at the local office cafeteria? If you know a certain Mr.Sharma that I know, it is by downing six glasses of freshly squeezed sweet lime juice. Six and no less!
Though I can never compete with Mr.Sharma on the quantities of juice that one can have, I must say that I have had some really great sweet lime or Mosambi juice at a Street-food stall recently. This stall is located opposite the Motorola office building in Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad. It is right across the road and is flanked by two stalls, one selling cigarettes and candy while the other doles out Chaat fare which I am still apprehensive of trying.

Juice Stall
Coming back to the juice, the vendor has the regular hand-operated squeezer, into which he puts in fresh whole Mosambis and voila, you have fresh juice coming out of the other end. You can choose to have the juice with masala which is nothing but rock salt. So what is so great about this place? Nothing that it is just hard to find a place selling fresh Mosambi juice with no water and no ice in hygienic glasses all for Rs.12!
So do give it a shot the next time you are next to the imposing Cyber Towers!
*Thali – An Indian Meal consisting of the staples, Curries and other delicacies of a particular region served in a big round plate containing small bowls.
*Pav Bhaji – An Indian dish consisting of Pav or Small salty portions of bread which are roasted with butter served with a curry of potatoes, tomatoes, onion, capsicum and other vegetables, boiled and smashed into a gravy.